Export Management

Export Management Services

Trinence Capital will aid you in driving at the top amongst your competitors with real-time update alerts and notification about your competition during the process of new shipment.
Trinence Capital mainly focuses on conducting export in an orderly, efficient and profitable manner. It includes functions such as

  • Identifying and selecting products for the suitable market.
  • SWOT analysis and export licensing.
  • Pricing and costing.

Trinence Capital acts as a sales representative or as a whole seller functions for a producer.

Services we offer are: export obligation, higher profits, reputation, and goodwill, liberalized import reports.
Large amount of risks is involved in export management involving international trade business such as credit risks, logistic & legal risks etc.

Some of the tools assisting export management are

  • Letters of credit (LOC) - It refers to a bank guaranteed assurance for payment made when a consignee presents specified documents.
  • Bill of exchange- It is a written statement order for an importer to pay a specified amount of money.
  • Bill of lading- It is a bill issued to the exporter by the carrier, it serves as a receipt or a document.