End Use Management

Best export data and End-use management service provider in USA

It becomes very difficult to guarantee what happens to the goods once they are exported and hence, the exporters must employ and make sure that the end consignee gets the product as it was approved and dispensed.
Surveying end users may help in determining if any product is in compliance with regulations or not by posting questions based on product details, origin, and the destination, the product has to be reached. Some of the challenges facing end use management are:

  • Retrieving information from all associated partners and integrating it with supply chain operations.
  • Storage, Management and Retrieval of information of a particular transaction.
  • Consistently ensuring that end user’s questionnaires are replied.

The end-use manager provides following capabilities for organizations to simplify trade compliance:

  • Enterprise deployment.
  • Survey configuration.
  • Generate and distribute end-use statements.
  • Review audit trail.